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Guided tour in Tel Aviv:
Rothschild Boulevard & Levinsky Market 

This tour will begin with a stroll through the beautiful Rothschild Boulevard - one of the very first streets of Tel Aviv. See the place where Israel was declared a nation, and ponder how the city changed from just a few houses on these sandy dunes to the buzzing metropolis it is today.

We will continue to the Levinsky Market which distinguished itself in the 1930's as THE market of the new town. Today, the market offers not just amazing food from 3rd generation food artisans but also new chic restaurants with clever tastes. Among the many flavors we will taste - Burekas (a Balkan salty pastry), natural marzipan (made by a family from Salonica), and some of the finest olives and cheeses at a quaint Turkish deli.

We'll end the tour in the picturesque Neve Tzedek neighborhood. Built in 1887 - before the birth of Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek was the first neighborhood created outside of the historic city of Jaffa. Tel Aviv blossomed from this very first neighborhood and grew into the city it is today. With its picturesque European style buildings, it serves today as a bubbling center for arts and fashion filled with charming boutiques and galleries.

Levinsky Market
Spices at Levinsky Market
amazing food at Levinsky Market
Independence Hall in Tel Aviv
Graffiti in Tel Aviv
Best food in the Market
Tel Aviv tour
Culinary tour in Tel Aviv Market
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