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What makes Israel such an interesting place to visit?

When you look at the map of the world, Israel is just a small dot you can barely see! And yet, it lives in the hearts of millions if not billions of people around the world, managing to draw ongoing interest and attention – positive, and sometimes negative.  

It is in Israel that you can use the Bible as a roadmap - walk with it and see places you recognize from the holidays you celebrate, the history books you have read or simply from the Bible itself - it's so inspiring.

It is here that God brought Abraham (from present-day Iraq), to spread the word of monotheism. It is here that Jesus was born, preached, performed miracles and died. And it is here that Muhamad ascended to heaven on his night journey, according to the Muslim tradition.

It is here that you can journey from the snowy white of Mount Hermon in the north, through the Galilee's lush green mountains, to the crystal Mediterranean Sea, and end up in the vast glowing desert – all within just a few hours!


Israel is a meeting point of three continents – Asia, Africa and Europe – which creates a huge variety of views, climates, plants and animals.

Even in ancient times, before it became such a sacred land, Israel stood at the crossroads of two enormous empires - Egypt in the south and Mesopotamia (present-day Syria, Iraq, and Iran) in the north. Israel was held as a strategic piece of land and was the most convenient passage for goods, equipment, armies and more.

And it's not only people that are drawn to Israel. Half a billion birds cross through the land twice a year, as Israel is located on an international migration route. They stop here in the fall to drink, eat and rest, then continue on to spend the winter in warm Africa. In the spring the birds cross by here again, on their way to enjoy summer in Europe.  

Millions of birds can't be wrong! Wouldn't you like to visit too?

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