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When is the best time to visit Israel?

First of all, whenever it is a good time for you! Each season has its own advantages, and enhances the experience in its own way.

If you can be flexible, I generally recommend coming during times when it is less crowded here. It's easier to get around (shorter lines, less traffic, etc.) and also, usually, less expensive.

The busiest travel seasons are during the Jewish and Christian holidays, and the last few weeks of August. Obviously, coming with kids often means working around their school vacations, so please don't worry – I always do my best to avoid big crowds and long lines, no matter when you come.

You'll find the most comfortable temperatures in the fall (mid-September to mid-December) and in the spring (March, April, May), although there may be some scattered rainy days or really hot days.

Nature is at its peak during the winter (mid-December through March), when everything is green and fresh (with some blossoms), and spring – when masses of flowers and blooming trees drench the country in color.

On the one hand, the summer is really hot - there' s not a drop of rain. But it's also a great time for water hikes, spending time at the beach, doing water sports, etc.

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