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Digging through time - See the archaeological layers of Jerusalem in the City of David and Davidson Center

If you dig down through the endless archaeological layers of Jerusalem, you will discover unbelievable things. During our tour we will visit the "City of David", 'meet' with the ginger king who established Jerusalem 3000 years ago, see the biblical king's fortress, and walk through a water tunnel from 2700 years ago! In the Western Wall archaeological garden we will see the ruins of what protected the Jewish Temple 2000 years ago, and discover a fascinating Hebrew inscription from that time. We will meander through the narrow alleys of the Jewish Quarter, arriving at a beautiful and secluded rooftop with a breathtaking overview of the four quarters of this incredible city.

Old City tour
Davidson center Jerusalem
תמונה סרי
Old city Jerusalem
Old city Jerusalem
Old city Jerusalem

Learn more about the Archeological layers of Jerusalem in this video from my vlog: "Jerusalem's Secrets"

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