Food & Art Trip

Day 1:
Arrival at Ben-Guiron International Airport - Welcome to Israel!
Transfer to Tel Aviv
Check in at the Hotel in Tel Aviv
Rest and relaxation at Gordon beach
   Overnight: Tel-Aviv

Day 2:

Breakfast at the Hotel

Visit the Old City of Jaffa and stop for a stunning overlook to open our trip together

Explore Jaffa's flea Market district

Stroll through picturesque Neve Tzedek's neighborhood and Rothschild Boulevard, and see the place where Israel was declared a Nation - Independence Hall

Experience Israeli innovation and hear about Israel as the "Start Up Nation". 

Overnight: Tel-Aviv

Day 3:
Breakfast at the Hotel

Explore the colorful and mysterious world of Graffiti in Tel Aviv

Enjoy amazing tastes on a culinary tour of Levinsky Market

Visit the Ayalon Institute Museum - a secret bullet factory from period of the 1948 War of Independence

 Overnight: Tel-Aviv

Day 4:
Breakfast in the Hotel

Drive South

Visit Ben-Gurion's house in the Negev and enjoy the spectacular view of the Zin Valley

A Camel trek

Experience Bedouin Hospitality and learn about their unique traditions and lifestyle   

   Overnight: Negev Desert 
Day 5:

Breakfast in the Hotel
Hike in the beautiful and serene Negev desert
Overlook the magnificent Machtesh (crater) Ramon – the biggest Machtesh in the world
Visit a Gout farm in the desert and taste the cheeses

Night activity: Star Gazing in the desert
  Overnight: Negev Desert

Day 6:

Breakfast at the Hotel

Enjoy a Jeep ride through Machtesh Ramon

Drive south

Visit Bet-Guvrin National Park – the land of 1000 caves, awarded as a UNSCO world heritage site.

Drive to Jerusalem
   Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 7:

Breakfast at the Hotel

Enjoy panoramic views of Jerusalem from Haas Promenade

Explore the 'City of David' archaeological site

Tour the Old City of Jerusalem:

Visit the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall

Walk through the Arab Market and overlook the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount

Visit The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Christian Quarter

   Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 8:
Breakfast at the Hotel
Visit the Israel Museum, where the 2000 years old Dead Sea Scrolls are kept 
Explore the bustling Machne Yehuda Market and enjoy the endless flavors and delicacies on a culinary tour 

The Geopolitics of Jerusalem – a tour of Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries from several vantage points covering the pressing questions of today. Discuss the events that led to the building of the Security Fence and possible solutions for the future of this unique city.
   Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 9:
Breakfast at the Hotel
Drive East
Tour the Ancient Fortress of Masada (ascend via cable car, descend via the "Snake Path")
Float and relax in the Dead Sea as its healing minerals nourish your skin
Drive to Jerusalem
   Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 10:
Breakfast at the Hotel

A foraging tour in the Judean hills (depending on the season)

Visit a Boutique Winery which uses ancient techniques as they used in Biblical times.

Visit an Israeli Brewery in the Judean Hills

A private Chef feast in the nature to conclude our trip together
Private transfer to Ben-Gurion International Airport 

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